32 Year Old Patient Who Is 7 months Post-Op

32 year  old patient who is 7 months post-op.  Patient has a strong family history of hair loss and was concerned about his frontal hairline regression, which made the appearance of his forehead more prominent.  Photos shown are pre-op and 7 months post-op.  3100 follicular units were utilized.

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4V Hair Loss Pattern – 2,657 FU Utilized

This patient had a 4V hair loss pattern who needed crown & frontal hair restoration.  2,657 FU were utilized.  Photos shown are pre-op & 6 months post-op.   1st 6 photos are pre-op last 6 photos are 6 months post-op  

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Dr. Richard Keller – One Year Post OP Visit – 2,918 FU

27 year old patient who now has an extremely dynamic hairline.  After the patient’s hair loss was medically stabilized he wished to have a conservative procedure to improve his image.  There is a family history of a class 6 hair loss.  Photos shown are pre-op, post-op & grafts in place.

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How Hair Transplant Works