34 Year Old Patient with a Class 5V Hair Loss Pattern

34 year old patient with a class 5V hair loss pattern was requesting hair restoration with hairline reconstruction and realistic appearing density.  Much attention was given to the creation of the temporal parietal angles to match the patient’s natural facial framework.  Reasonable crown restoration was given to the crown & lateral humps to anticipate future […]

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32 Year Old Patient Who Is 7 months Post-Op

32 year  old patient who is 7 months post-op.  Patient has a strong family history of hair loss and was concerned about his frontal hairline regression, which made the appearance of his forehead more prominent.  Photos shown are pre-op and 7 months post-op.  3100 follicular units were utilized.

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4V Hair Loss Pattern – 2,657 FU Utilized

This patient had a 4V hair loss pattern who needed crown & frontal hair restoration.  2,657 FU were utilized.  Photos shown are pre-op & 6 months post-op.   1st 6 photos are pre-op last 6 photos are 6 months post-op  

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How Hair Transplant Works