4V Hair Loss Pattern – 2,657 FU Utilized

This patient had a 4V hair loss pattern who needed crown & frontal hair restoration.  2,657 FU were utilized.  Photos shown are pre-op & 6 months post-op.   1st 6 photos are pre-op last 6 photos are 6 months post-op  

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Dr. Richard Keller – One Year Post OP Visit – 2,918 FU

27 year old patient who now has an extremely dynamic hairline.  After the patient’s hair loss was medically stabilized he wished to have a conservative procedure to improve his image.  There is a family history of a class 6 hair loss.  Photos shown are pre-op, post-op & grafts in place.

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Dr. Keller – Chicago – 3,518 FU – One Year Post Op

27 year old patient who after medical stabilization wished to have an improved change in his appearance.  Photos shown are pre-op & one year post-op.  Patient is extremely pleased with his restoration procedure and believes his self confidence is greatly boosted.

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Patient returns to the office excited about his early 8 month results.  The photos shown are pre-op and 8 months post- op.  3,950 follicular units were utilized.  The patient should expect even better results at his 12 month visit.    

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33 Year Old Who Experienced a Dramatic Transformation 7 1/2 Months Post-Op

The patient had a class 4 hair loss pattern with a central tuft.  This gentleman was concerned about his future hair thinning and we planned accordingly.  Pre-op and 7 1/2 months post-op photos are shown with 3,485 follicular grafts utilized in the frontal 1/3 of the scalp and along the “alleys” in the restoration process.

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Dr. Keller – 40 Year Old With Very Fine & Thin Hair

40 year old patient who wished to have a limited/conservative FU hairline restoration due to his family history of hair loss and his future hair loss progression. This patient wanted to improve his frontal hairline profile and thicken his crown.  His objectives were obtained even though he has very fine hair. A 2,000 FU grafts […]

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Repair of previous hair transplant procedure

35 Year old patient who previously had a “shield type” hair restoration procedure with continual hair loss.  2,807 follicular units were available for a second procedure to optimize concentrated areas of restoration.  The patient’s frontal framework, reinforcement of the sides, (lateral humps & alleys), and crown improvement were completed with the grafts available.  Photos shown […]

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Hairline and Crown Restoration

42 year old patient who requested a restoration procedure to correct Temporal Alopecia and to restore his appearance of his hairline while augmenting his crown.  Photos shown are pre-op, post-op and 10 day & 6 months placement in the Temporal Alopecia correction regions.  2,811 follicular units were utilized.  I enjoyed the interaction and the process […]

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1st of 2 part procedure – 3,788 FU

First procedure in planned 2 part restoration for this lucky 33 y/o class 6 hair loss patient with a fabulous donor area. The photos shown are 5 months post-op and pre- op. 3,788 follicular units were utilized for frontal restoration. The second planned procedure will concentrate on a cosmetic crown and the posterior scalp. The […]

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How Hair Transplant Works