3,504 Follicular unit restoration

27 year old man who returns to the office for his follow-up appointment at 14 months post-op. 3,504 follicular units were used in his restoration procedure. Patient has excellent hair quality and wishes to be proactive with his appearance given his family history of hair loss. The photos shown are pre-op, immediate post-op and 14 […]

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Multiple Patient Hairlines

Shown are multiple patient’s pre-op & post-op photos demonstrating different frontal hairline restoration patterns. When planning the frontal framework restoration many factors should be considered. Prior to the hairline creation I enter into a detailed discussion about the realistic goals and expectations of the patient. These expectations include an appropriate natural hairline for the patient’s […]

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Dr. Richard S. Keller Patient 2 Year Update

Patient stopped by today for a 2 year follow up and is very pleased with his frontal hairline restoration. Maintaining existing hair with the use of Rogaine only. Donor area healed well as seen in photo.  

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9 month follow-up – 3,616 FU

This patient returns for a 9 month follow-up visit. As shown in his photos there is continuous improvement. I am anticipating further thickening over the next 3-4 months. Read all comments here Dr. Keller

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6,387 FUT and FUE grafts

46 year old who had 6,387 follicular units transplanted. FUT and FUE procedures were utilized to restore his hair loss with the benefit of taking all transplanted hair from the “safe zone”. The first two procedures were taken from the mid donor “safe zone” leaving the rest of the donor area with its’ normal density. […]

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Great Hair Quality and Now A Great Hairline

52 year old who wished to enhance his profile and create a dynamic framework. Hair restoration was performed on the anterior 1/3 of his scalp with augmentation of the temporal parietal angles for a rejuvenated side presentation. The patient also had crown enhancement. Photos shown are pre-op, grafts in place to demonstrate side creation technique […]

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Approximately 3000 grafts and 7 months results

37 year old who wanted to have a more dynamic presence in his occupation. There is a family hair loss history of class 4V to class 7. Patient wished to build up his frontal tuft and temporal parietal angles, thicken his mid-scalp and shrink his crown. The patient is shown here at 7 months post-op […]

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How Hair Transplant Works