Anterior Hairline Restoration – 1 Year Post-Op

51 year old patient who had frontal hairline and mid-scalp restoration. Photos shown are pre-op. and one year post -op. 3,110 grafts were utilized. The patient is very pleased with his results. Very natural! Thanks for sharing. __________________ “Doc” Blake Bloxham – formerly “Future_HT_Doc”

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Women and Men with 2 Layer Trichophytic Closures of Donor Site

Showing women and men with 2 layer trichophytic closures of donor site. Photos range from 2 months to 18 months post-op. Donor scar revision, different skin types, and different hair textures are demonstrated. Those are excellent scars. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA __________________ William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS McLean, VA   Well Done Dr. Keller. How […]

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Dr. Keller – Chicago – 15 month post-op – 3,850 grafts

40 year old with 4V patterned hair loss who had approximately 3,850 grafts transplanted, including a touch up utilizing approx. 700 grafts to repair a childhood scar. Density of grafts varies with approx. 40 grafts per cm2 in a feathered and shingled density placement in front and with a larger graft placement in a natural […]

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Class 3 hair loss with temporal parietal recession

47 year old patient with class 3 hair loss and temporal parietal recession who was looking to have hair restoration to create an image of his more “youthful self” again. Pt. was seeking a more dynamic image, much like he had in his late 30′s. The patient had an excellent plan for his future hairstyle […]

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Dr. Keller is specializing in FUE as well as FUT

FUE: ( Follicular Unit Extraction) A process of transferring follicles from donor to recipient area by decreasing density of the donor region. With FUE, the formation of multiple scars are spread out rather than forming a linear scar.  FUE is advantageous in younger patients- usually with hair loss classes of 2 or 3 and possibly […]

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3,090 Grafts – 3 & 6 Month Post-Op Photos

Very pleasant 45 year old patient who had 3,090 grafts placed in mid and anterior scalp. I thought this is an interesting post in that it demonstrates the natural 6 month progression of hair growth. Shown in photos are pre-op., grafts in place, 3 month post-op and 6 month post-op. I will update photos at […]

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3,400 Grafts to Mid-Scalp and Frontal Hairline

This 30 year old patient had concerns with his mid-scalp and frontal hairline. The majority of the 3,400 grafts were placed in the mid-scalp and anterior scalp. His crown was improved. Post-op photos are from this out of state patient who was unable to return for a follow-up appointment. He is approximately one year post-op. […]

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Hairline Plug Repair After Multiple Hair Transplant Procedures

50 year old who had hairline repair and hair restoration to add density to mid-scalp region. The patient had multiple plug procedures and hair transplant procedures in the past. 2,850 grafts were utilized to obtain results. Photos shown are pre-op and one year post-op. The patient is pleased with his results and now enhances his […]

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How Hair Transplant Works