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34 Year Old Patient with a Class 5V Hair Loss Pattern

34 year old patient with a class 5V hair loss pattern was requesting hair restoration with hairline reconstruction and realistic appearing density.  Much attention was given to the creation of the temporal parietal angles to match the patient’s natural facial framework.  Reasonable crown restoration was given to the crown & lateral humps to anticipate future […]

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Dr. Richard Keller – One Year Post OP Visit – 2,918 FU

27 year old patient who now has an extremely dynamic hairline.  After the patient’s hair loss was medically stabilized he wished to have a conservative procedure to improve his image.  There is a family history of a class 6 hair loss.  Photos shown are pre-op, post-op & grafts in place.

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6,387 FUT and FUE grafts

46 year old who had 6,387 follicular units transplanted. FUT and FUE procedures were utilized to restore his hair loss with the benefit of taking all transplanted hair from the “safe zone”. The first two procedures were taken from the mid donor “safe zone” leaving the rest of the donor area with its’ normal density. […]

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Women and Men with 2 Layer Trichophytic Closures of Donor Site

Showing women and men with 2 layer trichophytic closures of donor site. Photos range from 2 months to 18 months post-op. Donor scar revision, different skin types, and different hair textures are demonstrated. Those are excellent scars. Dr. Lindsey McLean VA __________________ William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS McLean, VA   Well Done Dr. Keller. How […]

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How Hair Transplant Works