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Dr. Keller – 40 Year Old With Very Fine & Thin Hair

40 year old patient who wished to have a limited/conservative FU hairline restoration due to his family history of hair loss and his future hair loss progression. This patient wanted to improve his frontal hairline profile and thicken his crown.  His objectives were obtained even though he has very fine hair. A 2,000 FU grafts […]

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Dr. Keller – Chicago – 15 month post-op – 3,850 grafts

40 year old with 4V patterned hair loss who had approximately 3,850 grafts transplanted, including a touch up utilizing approx. 700 grafts to repair a childhood scar. Density of grafts varies with approx. 40 grafts per cm2 in a feathered and shingled density placement in front and with a larger graft placement in a natural […]

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Dr. Keller is specializing in FUE as well as FUT

FUE: ( Follicular Unit Extraction) A process of transferring follicles from donor to recipient area by decreasing density of the donor region. With FUE, the formation of multiple scars are spread out rather than forming a linear scar.  FUE is advantageous in younger patients- usually with hair loss classes of 2 or 3 and possibly […]

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3,090 Grafts – 3 & 6 Month Post-Op Photos

Very pleasant 45 year old patient who had 3,090 grafts placed in mid and anterior scalp. I thought this is an interesting post in that it demonstrates the natural 6 month progression of hair growth. Shown in photos are pre-op., grafts in place, 3 month post-op and 6 month post-op. I will update photos at […]

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3,400 Grafts to Mid-Scalp and Frontal Hairline

This 30 year old patient had concerns with his mid-scalp and frontal hairline. The majority of the 3,400 grafts were placed in the mid-scalp and anterior scalp. His crown was improved. Post-op photos are from this out of state patient who was unable to return for a follow-up appointment. He is approximately one year post-op. […]

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Hairline Plug Repair After Multiple Hair Transplant Procedures

50 year old who had hairline repair and hair restoration to add density to mid-scalp region. The patient had multiple plug procedures and hair transplant procedures in the past. 2,850 grafts were utilized to obtain results. Photos shown are pre-op and one year post-op. The patient is pleased with his results and now enhances his […]

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How Hair Transplant Works